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Five Things I Learned from S-Town

If you love the Serial Podcasts as much as I do, then you’re probably going to give S-Town a try, even though 1) it isn’t Serial No. 3, and 2) it’s not narrated by Sarah Koenig. When all seven episodes dropped on March 28, I found plenty of tedious tasks to do so I could binge without too much interruption. I listened while the… Read more →

Favorite thing: Criminal, a podcast

After letting go of Serial, I had some strange yearning to listen to crime stories. I wanted to hear about murder and robbery and weird crap that has nothing to do with my circle of influence. Criminal feeds that curiosity. It’s not a gratuitous, vulgar unboxing of random evidence but rather succinct synopsis of a crime – bloody and not bloody… Read more →

We interrupt this reading challenge to bring you Serial

Instead of pulling together my own description of the podcast, here’s the summary from the program’s website: I was smack dab in the middle of Lucky (which I finished last night and is very good) when I had to do something mundane and wanted a podcast playing in the background. After perusing my usual suspects I remembered hearing about Serial and… Read more →

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