Party Hearty

A couple of weeks ago, after a storm, the setting sun cast a gorgeous light against our house. I grabbed my camera and ran outside so I didn’t miss it. Everything was pink and purple for about five minutes.

Front light

Pink and purple

Back lightTomorrow night, our home will be full of family to celebrate my father-in-law’s 70th birthday. I’m convinced the party will be grand, but let’s all keep our fingers crossed for a sunset like this instead of the thunderstorm that preceded it.


We were sitting at the dinner table Tuesday night when Jeremy noticed through the patio window that the sunset was particularly bright – so bright that it was casting an incredible light on all the autumn leaves in its path. I spun around to look for myself and immediately popped up from the chair to grab my camera.

A red and orange sunset is always beautiful, but a purple and pink sunset is truly magnificent.As the sun tucked further down behind the horizon, a gray shadow rose along the tree line. All of that bright red faded away within minutes.

I  autumn in Tennessee. Happy Weekend and Go Vols!