My future grandchildren

Jackson: I’m gonna tell my wife that our kids’ names will be Clark and Peter.
Me: What if she doesn’t like those names?
Jackson: She will.
Me: But what if she doesn’t? What if you have girls?
Jackson: We’ll have boys.
Me: But what if you don’t? What if you have twin girls?
Jackson: Then we’ll name them Jennie and Natasha.

Superhero Cheat Sheet
 Clark (Kent) = Superman
  Peter (Parker) = Spiderman
  Natasha (Romanoff) = Black Widow

The Parable of Superman and the Last Victim

The boys and I are following the Lectionary this year for Bible class and this week’s scripture comes from Luke 15, the Parable of the Lost Sheep. We read it and re-read it aloud.  Jeremy, my deep thinker, carried on a great discussion about God loving everyone equally. He was even able to look up the verses independently. When I asked Jackson what he thought about the story, the conversation took a left turn.

“So what did you learn from the parable?”

“I don’t know,” he says.

“When the shepherd went to look for his one lost sheep, what does that tell you?”

“That sheep are great animals.”

Okay then. Fair point. Let’s go another direction.

“What if a  building was on fire in Smallville and 100 people were stuck inside? Let’s say Superman rescued 99 of them. Would he stop there? Would he leave one in the building?”

“No way!” says Jack. “He would rescue everyone.”

“So would God. That one person is just as important to him as the other 99.”

Parable of Superman

Confessions of an Infinitive Splitter

In five weeks I’ve written five papers for my Aesthetics class. I’ve gotten an A on all of them (of course I did!) but in the professor’s remarks at the bottom of each review, she’s written, “split infinitives.”

I know. I do that sometimes.

As a conversational writer, I type my thoughts and construct my points in a casual manner. Academic writing is a huge challenge because I’m not fancy. I use contractions and I start sentences with a conjunctions. And furthermore, I split infinitives because I just do.

Writing in a scholarly manner has taken far more concentration than transcribing an interview and compile it into a feature story. I could probably write a traditional news story according to the Inverted Pyramid model faster than I can write a 750-word summary of “On the Aesthetic Education of a Man” by Friedrich Schiller (which is due by midnight on Sunday).

Anyhow, I love graduate school so far, but that’s mainly because graduate school is about studying what you want verses studying what you have to. And even though I don’t totally love Greek philosophy in regards to literary aesthetics, it’s way better than math. Anything is better than math.

And another thing. Online learning is far more evolved than I anticipated. We submit our papers to, a website that scans your work for originality. Once your work is loaded the program returns to you a “percentage of likeness” found in your paper as compared to other works in their database. Genius AND nerve-wracking! My first three papers came back with 0% likeness, but the last two came back with 1% likeness, which scared me to death. My work is one percent simliar to someone else’s work. I’m a little uncomfortable with this since I take a strong moral stance on plagiarism. When I confessed my one percent to Chuck, he was all, “Get over it. It’s not a big deal,” to which I replied, “IT’S A HUGE DEAL.”

It really isn’t a big deal, but the perfectionist in me will work steadily to knock that one percent back down to zero.

Side bar: Jackson is crazy excited about Man of Steel, which is in theaters NOW. We shall see it as soon as life permits. Here’s hoping it’s not as PG-13 as Iron Man 3 was. That was a serious near-R, if you ask me.

On the Eve of Seven

For the last few weeks Jackson has talked nonstop in anticipation of his birthday, which is tomorrow. My little baby will turn seven and that is nearly impossible to believe. Also this week is the opening of Man of Steel, which is the other thing Jackson has talked about nonstop. He is all superhero all the time. For those of you who know him in real life, that isn’t news.

Here he is in a Man of Steel shirt totally excited about receiving another Man of Steel shirt. This boy is easy to please!

Two Man of Steel shirtsWe’ll actually do family celebrating and presents tonight due to Chuck’s travel schedule, so for the 500th time today Jackson just asked me how much longer until dinner time. Because after dinner is cake, and after cake are gifts, and THAT is what turning seven is all about.

Pictures shall be taken!