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When I haven’t been talking to Jeremy about abortion, Monica Lewinsky, or what it means to give the middle finger, I’ve super busy with lots of creative and exciting projects. First and foremost is the novel. I just hit 121,000 words, which is still painfully long, but I refuse to cut anything until I’m done getting all of my words out. My goal is to finish by mid-November so I can print everything out and edit over Thanksgiving. It’s a reasonable goal as long as I keep this momentum. The end is close, so I have no more excuses to give. Also, I’ve convinced a few folks to be pseudo-editors on my behalf, though I’m happy to have a few more, if any of you are interested. I cannot open that circle too wide, though. Too much input is… too much.

I’m also working on a few design projects, so InDesign and Photoshop are opened daily. They love the attention.

Reading-wise, I’m about to finish a fantasy novel that is both boring and ridiculous. I appreciate a sensible effort to create a world of possibility in another realm, but if none of the proper names of people and places are easily enunciated, I’m entirely turned off. My eyes glaze over and I want to surrender. Unfortunately, I can’t stop reading it since it’s part of my Genre Writing class. When I’m not reading about goblins and elves, I’m reading a unique story called Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician by Daniel Wallace, who also wrote Big Fish. (Remember the 2003 movie with Ewan McGregor? Yeah, same writer.) I’m nearly finished, so I’ll post a review soon. It’s one of the books I picked up at The Lantern in Georgetown.

Finally, there’s some photography going on around here, which TOTALLY ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF. What a fun hobby, you guys! I just love taking pictures of happy people and giving them something to keep forever. My last session was with a family we know from church. There were laughs all around. Continue reading “Writing Designing Reading Photographing”

The Lantern and my favorite banned book

There were two things on my To See list in Washington. The first was the Library of Congress and the second was The Lantern, a small shop for used and rare books. It’s run by volunteers and proceeds go to support the Bryn Mawr College scholarship fund. Win, win.

The Lantern is in Georgetown, and since we took a ferry ride on the Potomac from Alexandria to Georgetown on Friday, I anticipated floating back up the river with new books in hand.

The ferry ride was part of the pre-wedding activities, so the boat was full of family and friends. From the week, this is my favorite photo of Corey and me. Anchors away, my friend! So glad to be on the journey with you. ♥Corey and me 9-19-14

The bookshop was modest but organized, and if I had an extra hour to kill, I would’ve purchased a lot more than I did. Independent shops like these are my favorite, but only – and I mean only – if they are well-kept, thoughtfully categorized, and clean. The Lantern was all of these things. I browsed the stacks as quickly as I could while Chuck and the boys waited for me outside. God bless them and their endless patience. Since we had a ferry to catch, I couldn’t peruse too long.

The Lantern Bookstore

These were my finds. I spent a whopping $11:

The Lantern books

Finally, in honor of Banned Books Week, I’m posting a photo of my favorite banned book. No reader should be deprived of Nurse Ratched and McMurphy:

Banned Book Kesey

What’s YOUR favorite?