Homeschool Side of the Library

Even though it’s technically summertime, I was eager to organize the homeschool side of the library. Initially I thought I’d have the library all to myself, but then I decided I didn’t want to do school at the kitchen table anymore and the library seemed like the most logical place to keep materials. Easy enough. Half of the library is mine-all-mine, while the other half is for school.

My side is still under construction, but I’m pleased to show you how it’s come along so far.

We tend to stick to earth tones in our home but I wanted this space to be big splashes of color. The drapes are white to allow for plenty of natural light but still provide privacy. The bunting was clearance rack deal (one dollar per strand) and the white lamp was a five-dollar find at the Habitat ReStore. The white table in front of the couch came with the house (it was tucked away in a storage room), and all I had to do was clean and paint it. As you can see on the lefthand bookshelf, I’ve arranged my treasures chromatically. It would make more sense to align them according to author or book title, but the grouped colors are so much more pleasing to the eye.

Salem has been enjoying the library too.

And with this, we are nearly ready to start our summer French lessons.

Unpack, Arrange, Rearrange

Our first week in Tennessee has been fast-paced. Because I cannot sit still, the entire house was unpacked in six days. Everything is mostly in its place. This obsessive part of my personality is very helpful in times like these, but it can also be ridiculous – in that I wake up to rearrange the living room furniture before even pouring a cup of coffee.

Anyway, we’re moved in. (There’s more to tell on the subject of living room furniture but I’ll get to that another day because it’s late and there’s dinner to make. Corey and her son, Alex, were here this weekend, and there’s more to tell on that too.) We went to the mountains, ate some fabulous food at our Welcome to Tennessee dinner with the rest of the Millers, and found a local market where we can buy elk and bison sausage. The weekend was wonderful.

Here are some photos to start off our week.

This is the view along the drive home from the grocery store.
When the boys have excess energy, it's best to just let them out of the car and run. Don't you think?
While driving through the Smoky Mountains, we stopped to let the boys throw rocks into the river. This tree and its amazing roots grow next to it.