Monthly Archives: November 2010

How Much Did I Cost Anyway?

So the boys and I were sitting in Cracker Barrel tonight for dinner when Jeremy took the conversation in a different direction. (What else is new?) It all started when the pair of them hounded me for toys from the Cracker Barrel store – specifically, two new Webkinz. (Because six isn’t enough!) I kept them at bay until we sat down… Read more →

Made-from-Scratch Christmas

Decorations are going up all over the place, something that usually ignites my holiday flame and gets me in the mood for All Things Christmas. However, this has been a tough year (really tough), so the fact that all of our holiday decorations are in a storage unit in Chattanooga is pretty annoying. It would be comforting to lovingly unwrap… Read more →

The Tradition of Food

Whenever a family gathers, at least in my bunch, there is always food. Lots of food. Savory and sweet, meaty and starchy, breakfast and a big midday dinner with a few snacks in between. It is usually while we’re eating a meal that we’re already planning the next. Even as we scarfed down Aunt Gloria’s homemade spaghetti on Wednesday we… Read more →

A New Keepsake from Mamaw

There are things that trigger memories of childhood – the random wall hanging, the collection of knick-knacks in the China cabinet, the tin ladle Papaw used to keep by the sink when he wanted a quick drink of water… No matter the house in which these trinkets sit, all it takes is a quick glimpse and I’ve all but time… Read more →