Photos of late

It has been a busy season for all the hats I wear. Teaching, writing, photography – these things come in waves. Sometimes they all converge the same week and I wonder what I’ve done to myself. I don’t advertise for photography outside of this blog and Facebook, mostly because I accomplish photo sessions during free time, so that means I’m… Read more →

Medal No. 18 and it’s finally fall in Tennessee

I ran a beautiful, dry half marathon Saturday afternoon and earned my 18th medal. My time was totally average, and my (new) phone survived because it did not rain. Each year the Chickamauga Battlefield race medal represents an infantry from a different state, and I’m loving that this year the chosen state was Wisconsin. The course was comfortable and well-paced.… Read more →

Follow me on the Knoxville Moms Blog

I recently started contributing to the Knoxville Moms Blog, the local sister site of the nationwide network called City Moms Blog. While we each live out our own story, motherhood is a great connector since many of our experiences overlap. My contribution speaks to parenting older kids, homeschooling, and adoption, though my posts aren’t necessarily limited to those topics. Below are my… Read more →

Nonfiction Piece Published

When my first byline was published, it was in the Chattanooga Times prior to its merging with the Chattanooga Free Press, and I was sixteen years old. I knew I wanted to be a writer early on, but it wasn’t until I saw my byline that I realized how strong and serious that desire was. Fast forward 23 years and I still… Read more →

Book Review: A Column of Fire

In 2007, I was the young mother of a one and four-year-old. I wrote a column for our city paper, and I had just started running long distances to eventually run a half marathon. I was 29 years old, and I relied on Oprah’s Book Club recommendations in between the release of Harry Potter books and films. It was in… Read more →

Book review: The Child Finder

Private investigator Naomi is in a specialized field: she finds lost children. Sometimes they are still alive, and occasionally they are not. What makes her an ideal woman for the job is not loads of professional training she received or sparks of good luck. Rather, she was abducted as a child, and though her memory of that time is minimal,… Read more →

Book review: Ready Player One

The year isn’t close to being over, but I already know Ready Player One will be on my Top Five Favorite Books I read in 2017. Correction: I listened to it. But still. It’s 2045 and an energy crisis led to the depletion of fossil fuels, which means the Earth is a big fat mess. Because real life is so… Read more →

Newborn sessions are my favorite

I adore taking photos of newborns. They’re squishy, sleepy, easy to move around and put in cozy positions. I love the all the possibilities of themes and outfits, all the creative editing one can do. The options are endless. But I also love the simplicity of fingertips, toes, eyelashes, and pouty lips. Those are the things I miss about my… Read more →

Book Review: All the Missing Girls

When Nicolette (Nic) returns to the small North Carolina town where she was raised to help manage the sale of her family’s home, she does not expect for all the mess from her past to resurface. She hoped to get in and get out and return to Philadelphia as quickly as possible. After all, she left her former life behind… Read more →

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