Let’s Go

I’ve got serious ants in my pants about traveling. This happens every time the seasons change. I credit my parents, for it was their love of travel I inherited combined with a childhood that was never stagnant. It certainly isn’t a bad thing and we’re trying very hard to give our boys the same experience of seeing and doing rather than having. Chuck is always quick to remind them that many children haven’t seen or been to half the places they have by this age. The world is big, so let’s go see it.

What I haven’t shared with you is that we’re potentially buying a home soon (the paper trail has begun, at least), so money-wise, we’re trying to be good. By “good” I mean no big vacation this year. (Ugh, did I just type that?) Oh, how I love traveling, but part of being an adult is knowing your limitations and saying No when you ought to be saying No. I’m trying very hard to say No.

There are two exclusions, however. Girls Weekend is non-negotiable. It’s been non-negotiable for more than a decade. We will do it on the cheap if we have to. Also, we’re planning a long weekend with my extended family, whom I see only once or twice a year. After that, who knows? If this house business comes to fruition, then there will be no other traveling and I’ll have to get my fix elsewhere… Travel Channel, anyone?

In other news, we told the boys that it was okay for them to see The Avengers. (Chuck and I saw it Friday, and despite some language, we feel it’s okay for them to watch.) They squealed with delight and jumped around and haven’t stopped talking about it since. Barring good behavior this week, I’ll take them Friday afternoon after we finish school. They are literally counting the minutes.

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