Hilton Head Photo Dump No. 4

JEM_6371 low res

Last batch of Christmas photos, friends. In this first picture, Jackson’s excitement is all about getting a Green Bay Packers hat from his big brother. Christmas Eve s’mores! I would’ve loved a full moon photo on Christmas Day, but the fog was just too thick. Christmas Eve will have to do. Merry Christmas! Our Smoky […]

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Hilton Head Photo Dump No. 3

JEM_6008 low res

Are you tired of Hilton Head pictures yet? Because here’s another photo dump. We went to Savannah on Christmas Eve to have lunch at The Pirates’ House and browse River Street shops. It’s a nostalgic city for the Treadways since my sister and I were born nearby. Some of us shopped, some of us waited. The original […]

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To the Atlantic and back

Almost 15 years

We took a minute and quickly went to Hilton Head. If you know us in real life, then you know how crazy our schedule can be. When we have family time, it’s intentional. Most people wouldn’t consider 24 hours at the beach to be worthwhile, but we do. They swam until sundown. Why not, right? […]

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Jeremy’s first trip to Disney World

Fighting Darth Vader

Do I even have to tell you that he had a wonderful time? Jeremy is now suffering a post-Disney depression, which I’ve tried to mitigate by indulging stories about all the things he loved about Disney World and reminding him that he can go back when he’s older. “When I grow up, I’m definitely taking […]

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