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Life and Death in Spring and Lent

Life and Death in Spring and Lent

As the bursts of color take over Tennessee and we enjoy the warmth of 70-degree afternoons, we are also in a liturgical season of reflection and preparation. It’s a binary spell that can mess with your head if you let it. This week, however, my […]

Throwback Thursday: My mom in the 60s

First, a story. When I was in college (late 90s), I decided to come home for the weekend on a whim. I didn’t tell my parents beforehand (no cell phone, of course) but instead drove straight from my dorm room to the library where my […]

To my mother

This post is being written too late for my taste, but I was out of town yesterday and today helping a friend move. However, I couldn’t let the entire day pass by without publicly wishing my sweet mother a wonderfully happy birthday. Mom, I wish […]

Look at me.

When I’m not running/cleaning/homeschooling/eating/sleeping/watching reruns of Law & Order on Netflix, I’m taking and editing photos. These are my subjects. How sweet of them to indulge me.   I successfully turned in the boys’ grades and attendance records for the semester, which was a lot […]

Much Needed

It really was a merry Christmas. I have more than 500 photos to prove it. Here is the best one: It was also a very loud Christmas – because of them: Jacob, 10 Jeremy, 8 Owen, 7 Jack, 5 Many blessings to you and yours […]

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