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Blog Challenge Day 5: My guilty pleasure

What’s my guilty pleasure? Do I have to pick just one? Nope. YouTube videos. All kinds. Beauty gurus, BookTubers, TED talks, photographers, whoever sounds like they know what they’re talking about. Sometimes I pay close attention, but sometimes the videos are on in the background. It’s not entirely mindless because I almost always walk away having learned something. Why guilty? It sounds like a… Read more →

Throwback to camping, and hello autumn

Hey, remember when we used to go camping? Circa 2012? I am so ready for this again. It’s nearly my favorite month and there’s much to look forward to. Our wedding anniversary, SEC conference football, an evening with Liz Gilbert. My heart swells at the thought. Come October 1, I’ll officially be in the holiday spirit – the sort of… Read more →


It seems like there are a lot of fall breaks going on around us, so I’ve decided we’ll also take a day (or two) off for fun. One of the things I learned very quickly last year is that homeschooling requires a lot of balance, specifically in the areas of time, attention, and effort. We need to be focused and… Read more →

Wrestling Penguins

So there we were, me and Jack, eating candy corn and watching the penguins. Jeremy was in his science class learning about gravity by dropping unfertilized eggs off a bridge with the rest of his zoo class friends. Jack and I were enjoying some time together. Just us. While I’m relaxing and lining up candy corn pieces on my leg,… Read more →

Viva la Candy Corn

I was fooling myself by thinking I could wait until October to buy candy corn. Life is too short to wait until October. The boys keep stealing from my stash, which is wholly unacceptable in this house. It wasn’t entirely hidden but it was on my desk and that’s a VERY clear indication that the candy corn is MINE all MINE.… Read more →

A Humble Prayer

Dear God, I saw the fall decor outside at Kroger today. You know how I love it. All of those pumpkins and mums and haystacks. Every September I have this problem, and here we are all over again. There I was with grocery money in hand and instead of going straight to the milk and soy creamer I considered buying… Read more →

I was trying to wait until October.

If y’all know me in real life, or if we’re longtime friends on Facebook, then you probably know about my candy corn problem. It’s bad. It’s so bad that I gave myself a rule this year: No candy corn until October. No mid-September sugar coma. Then Chuck went to Target. He thought he was being nice. In other news, I’m… Read more →

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