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My second-born, never short on affection, a big athlete in a little body and a snaggletooth for years to come

Family rules, according to Jackson

One of the classes Jackson is taking at our new (and wonderful!) co-op is Literature and Creative Writing. This is a topic I feel comfortable teaching at home, but Jackson has an extra creative mind so double-dipping for this subject can only benefit him. The classes was assigned to write a paper about family rules. I only helped him with grammar and… Read more →

That’s baptized?

Baptism in the reformed tradition is a sacrament that publicly announces our belonging to God. Many, but not all, choose infant baptism as a means of acknowledging the promises of God and subsequently promising that our efforts as a church body will always direct the child to Christ. (For more on this, click here.) We are currently raising our boys in… Read more →

Head gear, here we come

I took the boys to the orthodontist this morning for a second evaluation. The first evaluation was in 2012 and resulted in instructions to have four or five teeth pulled from each boy. We decided to sit on it for a while and see if those teeth fell out on their own. Now, three years later, we have been cleared from teeth pulling… Read more →

Ninth Birthday Eve

If you know Jackson, then you know he’s prone to obsess here and there. Superheroes, football, holiday celebrations, et cetera. If he likes something, then HE REALLY LIKES IT and wants to share his passion with you. In keeping with his tendency to obsess, we’ve been counting down to his ninth birthday for the last three months. This morning, with great fervor,… Read more →

The Day Josh Dobbs hugged Jackson

The forecast for the Tennessee Vols Orange and White Game was not good. On Friday evening, my Weather Channel app showed 100 percent change of rain and thunderstorms. Chuck announced that he would not endure a thunderstorm, and Saturday morning, Jeremy announced the same thing. Jackson and I looked at each other during breakfast and decided we would risk it. With… Read more →

Diagnosis: ADHD and ASD

If you know us in real life, you know that our youngest son, Jackson, is a unique fella. He’s happy, giggly, and thinks the best of everyone. He’s sharp, affectionate, and a ferocious reader. In his dreams, he is a superhero. He’s also in a world of his own, so much that Chuck and I decided that we needed some… Read more →

A story from the other writer

Y’all, we have another writer in the house. I didn’t edit his story, but I did format it properly. Jackson has been really into writing over the summer and lately he’s been begging me to type his stories out on the computer. As if I’d say no! Super Cat! by Jackson Miller One night a cat was playing with a ball. He was A… Read more →

Jackson’s loot and totally awesome cupcakes

Jackson’s birthDAY ended up spreading out to a week-long celebration on account of cards and packages arriving on Thursday and Friday. There’s still another package on its way (he spent a Barnes & Noble gift card from my sister in 2.5 seconds online. Books, books, and more books.) We ditched the huge birthday party/craziness years ago and focused our celebrating on making… Read more →

Jackson is eight!

Here he is on the last night of being seven. This child has talked about his birthday every day, nearly all day, for the last two weeks. If you’ve seen him in that time, chances are he’s told you all about  it.And then first thing this morning: Reminisce with me, won’t you? Read more →

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