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A Second Snow

Yesterday afternoon, it didn’t look promising. The flakes weren’t sticking. There was a lot of wishing and hoping that better snow would fall. There was even late-night playing in mush, just in case that was all that happened. By Major’s bedtime, it finally showed up. We woke up to this. Thank goodness our neighbor was up for sledding at 8… Read more →

Waiting on the snow

The Weather Channel is indecisive. I think it’s nervous about being wrong. Instead of starting last night, and then early this morning, now it says the snow should arrive this afternoon. I bought provisions yesterday, so it matters little to me when it actually starts. Yet, while I sit in the house another full day drinking pots of flavored coffee… Read more →


Let’s all take a minute to observe the warmer weather. We’re all jumping for joy over 45 degrees, which is leaps and bounds better than 2. I didn’t like 2. I hope you were all good pet owners and cared for your outdoor family members appropriately. (Condolences to those with busted pipes, flooded rooms, and other Polar Vortex-induced calamities.) Our family… Read more →

Plotting on a walk

This is our neighborhood. Well, sort of. It’s the space behind our actual neighborhood where I like to walk Major. Recently, it’s been in this space that I’ve created much of novel’s plot. It’s nearly four miles to the end and back, and the time it takes  to circle around depends on whether I’m walking or running, or if Major… Read more →

It’s Football Time in Tennessee!

You knew we were gonna do this. We just had to wait for football season to start. In fact, I bought a dog jersey from the pet store last week but ended up returning it because a large was too small. Major is nearing 60 pounds.Do not be fooled by his good looks. I took this photo right after he… Read more →

Party Hearty

A couple of weeks ago, after a storm, the setting sun cast a gorgeous light against our house. I grabbed my camera and ran outside so I didn’t miss it. Everything was pink and purple for about five minutes. Tomorrow night, our home will be full of family to celebrate my father-in-law’s 70th birthday. I’m convinced the party will be… Read more →

My Money Maker

We’ve reached a pivotal point with the dog. He has to start earning his keep. No longer do I view his shenanigans as a path to my slow, painful demise. Instead, these events are becoming content for a children’s book series. I came to this realization after he snuck in my bathroom, where I was mopping, and stole the bottle… Read more →

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