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Jackson turns 10

For Jackson’s birthday, we kept it simple but special. Three dear families joined us for a light dinner followed by cake and presents. The kids played, the adults talked, and Major was mostly well-behaved. The thing most of you might not grasp about Jackson is that he doesn’t fully understand the reciprocity of friendship. Relationships in general are hard for him. He… Read more →

That’s baptized?

Baptism in the reformed tradition is a sacrament that publicly announces our belonging to God. Many, but not all, choose infant baptism as a means of acknowledging the promises of God and subsequently promising that our efforts as a church body will always direct the child to Christ. (For more on this, click here.) We are currently raising our boys in… Read more →

Diagnosis: ADHD and ASD

If you know us in real life, you know that our youngest son, Jackson, is a unique fella. He’s happy, giggly, and thinks the best of everyone. He’s sharp, affectionate, and a ferocious reader. In his dreams, he is a superhero. He’s also in a world of his own, so much that Chuck and I decided that we needed some… Read more →

Jackson Speaks

For a while it seemed like I’d never be able to say that, type that, or believe that, but I’m here to tell you that this child has found his voice. You would never know that Jackson spent his entire second year on earth in a state of perpetual screaming. Today, he spent a considerable amount of time saying, “OH… Read more →

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