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A Perfect Mother’s Day

First, a disclaimer: There was a time when I hated Mother’s Day. Specifically, 2002 and 2003 were the worst. When you struggle with infertility, Mother’s Day is a cruel reminder of what you cannot have. Equally, Mother’s Day can be unbearable when you’ve lost a child, lost your mother, or are grieving for other family related issues. So, this post is… Read more →

Canoeing, Fireworks, and Salem

But not all at once. Our week with Jacob ended with a rainy Fourth of July Hurry-Up-and-Light-the-Sparklers extravaganza. The weather was dreadfully wet, but we managed to squeak out a quickie-canoe trip on the river on Wednesday and one more swim on Thursday before storms forced us inside for the rest of the day. Then we swam to Dayton, Ohio,… Read more →


This weekend was the annual Old Timer’s Festival in Townsend (we went last year, too), and while it didn’t have as many pickers as last year it had the same wonderful quality. Around every corner of the Visitor’s Center was a little group of musicians pickin’ away on a song. Some of them only met that morning and decided to… Read more →

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