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16 Things I Learned in 2016

Over the last week, and then again today while on a run, I sorted through 2016 and whittled down a collection of lessons I’ve learned in the last year. I’ve never been keen on setting resolutions, but in recent years I’ve worked hard to be mindful of my mistakes and efforted not to repeat them. I look critically at myself,… Read more →

Christmas 2016

Christmas celebrations began on Saturday night with Jeremy and Jackson exchanging their brother gifts – a tradition my sister and I had and one we’ve passed on to both sets of boys. They use their own money and we take them out separately to shop. Christmas morning was slow-moving. Because the Packers game in early December was the big family… Read more →

Pre-Christmas Fun

Desperate to find Christmas spirit (whatever that actually means), we fled to Pigeon Forge last night to enjoy the holiday lights. That was my original goal. Since neighborhoods don’t collectively provide outdoor illumination displays the way they used to (we are guilty of this), driving longer distances to see Christmas lights is necessary, and Pigeon Forge knows how to do… Read more →

Finding the joy in sadness

It takes a very selfless, mature person to view death as a a joyful reunion with the Lord – a transition from painful to painless, from earthly to heavenly. I’m trying very hard to be that sort of person, but between you and me, I’m quite sad over the passing of my Aunt Debbie. She left us early this morning, and even… Read more →

A Mother’s Day Tradition

It’s been a long-standing tradition to visit the family cemetery on Mother’s Day weekend to decorate the gravesite of Grandma (Georgia) Miller. As most of you know, Chuck lost his mother last fall so we had even more reason to keep the tradition going. After paying our respects, we walked around the cemetery identifying family plots. The earliest member we… Read more →

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