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Oh, if life had a fast forward button. I wouldn’t press it often, but I bet I’d fast forward school every year starting on April 1. Fast forwarding the last month of school sounds like a good plan to me. Why? Because we are emotionally and mentally exhausted. We’re tired of each other. We’re bored of the schedule and routine. We… Read more →

Nature Love

We’ve settled into a summer routine of sorts. Math drills in the morning, then chores, then sporadic times of electronics and playing outside. Meals whenever. I’m saying yes more than I’m saying no, which seems like a fair deal for summer break. I woke up yesterday morning itching to go outside, so we loaded up and drove to a nearby nature… Read more →

I call summer break!

It’s been a tough semester, particularly for Jeremy. While he’s sharp, curious, and extremely intuitive, he has to work extra hard in certain subjects and fifth grade was a difficult year. He finished all of his subjects this week except math and we agreed (it was more like a truce) that he would continue working on math throughout the summer.… Read more →

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