I probably could’ve brushed my hair for this.

Anyway, it was great having my sister and her family in town for Christmas. This year was a do-over from 2009 when everyone was scheduled to come to Texas. A few wrenches were thrown into the plan but they high-tailed it to Tennessee this year so I could host the holiday.  I loved having everyone in our house. It was full and busy, but that’s exactly what I hoped for. Cooking for 11 was a pleasure.

As you’ve already seen in previous posts, the four boys had a ball together with only minimal fighting, which I see as a major success. They dearly love each other, despite the fact that they may only see one another twice a year.

We started school today and the boys were a bit of a challenge. When they weren’t giggling, they were complaining, and when they weren’t complaining, they were hungry. And when they weren’t hungry, one boy was making faces at the other boy and we retreated to our separate corners. Back to the grind, I guess!

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