On getting a dog.

We talk about it regularly. Jeremy asks when, Jackson asks what kind, I wonder, Chuck ponders. We like dogs. Shouldn’t we get another dog? Wouldn’t we love another dog? Salem won’t like the dog, but that’s four out of five who’ll like the dog. The odds are good!


Hank has been gone for a year and a half, but sometimes it feels like he died just last week. He left such a specific little void in my heart that I have the energy just yet to start all over again.

But then I see pictures like this:

Or this:

And my heart becomes tender again.

The second photo is from a project you really ought to see. It’s called Maddie on Things, and it’s exactly what it says – Maddie the Coonhound is posed on a random assortment of objects and photographed. It seems a little ordinary, but the simplicity of the photos and the cuteness of the dog (and how she resembles Hank) is amusing.

So we don’t have a definitive answer on the dog issue. We keep saying “not now,” but I don’t know how long “now” lasts. Will it happen later this year? Two years from now? Five?  I don’t know. The boys are ready now, as in today, but Chuck and I will be more ready later, as in not today.

Salem will not be ready ever and he does not approve of this blog post.

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