An Avengers sort of week

I should be posting a Star Wars related photo today in honor of May the Fourth. But, it’s not been a Star Wars sort of week around here. For once. Ever.

Ironman even showed up for breakfast this morning.

The boys are royally ticked that Chuck and I are going to see the Avengers movie this afternoon without them, but I explained (over and over and over again) that we have to pre-view it to make sure it’s okay for them to watch. The PG-13 rating can mean anything, but as long as it’s intense fight scenes, we’re okay. Too much other “stuff” and it might not be okay for their little eyes and ears.

“Adults get to do anything they want,” pouts Jeremy. “I can’t wait until I’m an adult.”

“Yes, well once you become an adult you’ll miss your childhood so badly that you’ll wonder why you ever wished it away,” I say.

“No, I won’t miss it,” he says. “Cause I’ll get to stay up as late as I want and see PG-13 movies whenever I want to.”

Happy Weekend to all the Avengers and those old enough to see the movie!

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