A quarter of a cow

I’m about to make spaghetti sauce. Earth-shattering, I know. We went in with another family and bought half of a cow, who just met an unfortunate death for the benefit of our family. We split the half, so we now have a quarter of a cow in the deep freezer. The Doomsday Prepper in me is pretty excited about this. Grass-fed, hormone-free, and properly cut. I’m going to create a new Pinterest board just for beef recipes.

The funny thing is that I’ve only been eating beef for the last few years. I was a vegetarian for 11 years, but even after introducing poultry and fish into my diet in 2004, I still didn’t eat beef until we moved to Texas in 2008. (Might as well support the local economy, right?) And now there’s a quarter of a cow in the basement and I’m thrilled. Stews, burgers, steaks, oh my!┬áTimes, they are a-changin.

Speaking of change, I am ready for tomorrow to come and go. No matter the outcome, may it be over and done by the end of the day. No recounts, no re-votes, no re-anything. Cut the campaign ads, pull up your yard signs and make peace with your friends. And for the love of Pete, make Facebook friendly again.

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