“You may not remember you did anything…”

Insomnia is slow torture and, since I have reoccurring bouts of it, I started taking Ambien last year to help me sleep. On the rare occasion, I’ve skipped the pill and tried to sleep on my own, but so far that’s not worked out to my benefit.

So I carry on with the memory erasing pill because without sleep I’m a bear. Chuck picked up my prescription the other day and for the first time I read the medication guide. So hilarious and TRUE. While I don’t get out of bed and drive to Walmart in the middle of the night, I’ve most certainly done things post-pill that I don’t remember, and looking through my late-night internet searches can confirm that. Examples include images older men with excessive chest hair and the practice of witchcraft in modern times.

Just so you know, I do not have an attraction to older men with excessive chest hair nor am I a practicing witch. And I have since learned to put down the iPad each night after taking my sleeping pill, lest I purchase a paddle boat online or start FaceTiming new friends in Finland.

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