Fourth and Sixth Grade

We start the academic year on Monday so it felt proper to take some school photos. We may not have a yearbook or a sit-and-smile photography studio, but we do have the flexibility for me to say, “Go put on some nice clothes and come out in the driveway! It’s time for school pictures!”

Let’s do this.

DSC_0015 low res

DSC_0019 low res

DSC_0025 low res

DSC_0029 low res

DSC_0034 low res

DSC_0039 low res

DSC_0045 low res

DSC_0052 low res

DSC_0054 low res

DSC_0061 low res

DSC_0064 low res

DSC_0072 low res

DSC_0088 low res

DSC_0089 low res

DSC_0094 low res

DSC_0100 low res

DSC_0103 low res

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