Throwback to 2009 when Jackson fell out of the toddler bed

In August 2009 we were living in Amarillo. Even though we had a three-bedroom house we made the boys share a room so we could have an office/guest room/treadmill space. Jeremy, nearly six, was in a twin bed and Jackson, at three, had just recently moved to a toddler bed (the crib, minus one wall).

From infancy, Jackson was a tummy sleeper. I know, I KNOW, that’s illegal in this country. But as soon as he could make the choice, he’d flip over onto his stomach, pull up his knees, and sleep in a crouching position. For years he did this.

So on a late night in August, on my own way to bed, I peeked in their room to make sure they were still alive. (We only stopped doing this a couple of years ago, by the way.) Jeremy was sound asleep, and so was Jackson, in his crouched up position on the floor. 

I honestly can’t remember if I left him like that or if I moved him back to the bed.

jack fell out of bed august 2009

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