Blog Challenge Day 29: Bucket list

What are the top things on my bucket list? 

If bucket list items are supposed to be far-fetched yet attainable on the tiniest level, then here goes:

I’d love to return to all the places I’ve lived. Knowing full well nothing will look as it did, there is something satisfying as putting my feet on the ground where they once were. Below is a photo of our rental house in Grafenwoehr, Germany. When we lived there the house and property was completely surrounded by pine and fir trees. They were as tall as the sky and had hedge hogs living underneath them.  On that front porch is where Heidi, our cat, would leave gifts of dead mice guts, and I’d promptly bury the remains in a paper sack beneath the rose bushes. Rhubarb grew wildly on either side of the staircase that led to the front door. Yes, I’d like to go here again, as well as places in Mississippi and Virginia.

39AmSchonbergStrasse bucket list

I’d love to spend a month in England, living in a rented house or flat, so I can visit castles and literary-related places. As expected, I would binge on writing and photography. I would go absolutely nuts on writing and photography.

I’d like to provide each boy with a gap year experience – something soulful and life-changing – before they have to be official adults and take on the burdens of adulting.

I’d love to own a slew of acres, some sort of large number, where I could take on displaced animals in need of a home. When asked if I could take one more, the answer would always be yes.

I’d love to help a couple – or several couples – with their first adoption. Financially, emotionally, whatever.

To make all of these things come true, I’d love to win the lottery, inherit a fortune, or sell a mess of books.

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