Blog Challenge Day 31: Quirky

What’s a weird quirk of mine?

I have no idea. I’m not sure what’s considered quirky versus what’s unique to me. Is it quirky that I appreciate organization and order? That I arrange my books chromatically instead of by author or genre? That my closet is also arranged by color, instead of by season? That I arrange and rearrange furniture based on my mood?

quirk books

In this house, I’d say my obsession towards organization could be labeled as quirky, or even obnoxious. When I feel anxious about something – unrelated to my house or material things – I clean and organize. I set things in their places. I bounce from room to room straightening and wiping and throwing things away. I rearrange.

In fact, I rearranged my desk yesterday because I was feeling anxious about NaNoWriMo starting tomorrow. For no reason other than to calm my nerves, I cleaned and rearranged my work space, turning my desk adjacent to the window instead of opposite it. I tell myself that I’ve created a tidy environment for writing, that I’ve eliminated distractions and simplified the space, but the truth is that it was either 1) rearrange my work space or 2) eat Halloween candy by the handful.



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