Birthday Party for a Busy Little Bumble Bee

I photographed a two-year-old’s birthday party on Sunday morning, which is a wonderful idea, if you ask me. This alleviates the pressure a parent feels to plan, execute, and host an event successfully and still capture every pivotal moment in perfect focus. I work in the background, slipping in and out of scenes, snapping away and getting all the photos Mom and Dad want to have.

For this little one, her parents don’t want a lot of photos made public, so I’ll only share a few.

JEM_9769 low

JEM_9979 low

JEM_9867 low

JEM_9928 low

Mom is a Pinterest Queen and should be planning parties for a living. Not even kidding.

JEM_9856 low

What little girl doesn’t love a couple of new best friends?

JEM_0165 low

Little Girl Shoes = The Best

JEM_9665 low

She won’t remember her Bumble Bee Birthday Party, but she’ll have plenty of photos to cherish when she’s older. 

JEM_9625 low

JEM_0262 low

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