A Father’s Day Poem to my Husband, even though I don’t read, write, or enjoy poetry

I’m not a poet
And you’ll quickly know it
But I thought I’d give it a whirl

Because my husband is great
And it’s never too late
To give thanks from his favorite girl

Chuck naps 1996

Little did I know
That a long time ago
We’d start an adventure together

It’s been a great ride
And I cannot deny
We’ve had good and hard times to weather

Burying chuck chuck and andrew at the zoo

As a team we keep going
Because the love keeps on flowing
And there’s no where else I’d rather be

Than right next to him
Through thick and through thin
As we raise these boys faithfully

chuck and J1 after c's race Chuck and Jackson May October 2012

Twenty years as a couple
Might lend itself to trouble
Especially with two boys in tow

But we keep things light
And resolve each fight
Because there’s one solid thing that we know

Chuck and Jeremy 1-4-15 Chuck and Jeremy at the Air and Space

It’s that life can get messy
Which makes everyone stressy
So you need a good match for your heart

That’s what I found
When this man came around
Both together and when we’re apart

chuck and jeremy on the hill chuck and jeremy play video games

He shines as a dad
And only sometimes makes me mad
When he wrestles with the boys too roughly

But get over it, I will
Because time doesn’t stand still
And the boys will be gone so abruptly

Chuck and the Boys Canoeing Jeremy and Chuck in the one day blizzard

So, Babe, enjoy your day
In rest or in play
And know that I love you dearly

This road would be lonely
Without my one and only
I mean that, whole hearted and sincerely

My favorite three boys

Boys on the beach

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