The Miller Camp for Boys

Miller Camp for Boys

This week marks the start of The Miller Camp for Boys, which is my way of bookmarking two weeks of having house guests from out of town. From August to May, we are The Miller School for Boys, so this makes total sense in my brain.

Our first camper is Jake, the son of our best friends in Chattanooga, folks we’ve known and loved before any of us were married. When we see each other, it’s usually both families getting together, with all for kids in a lump sum – Grace and Jake, Jeremy and Jackson – but this is a house for boys, and while I’d love to take Grace to Ulta and spend a fortune, she’d be terrifically bored the rest of the time.

So Jake is here and the boys have been going non-stop since he arrived last night – playing outside, group video gaming, and board games during down time. They are hardly stopping to eat. We plan to see The Secret Life of Pets and either get to a swimming pool or creek for cooling off. We’ll get pizza one night and I might let them loose with the water hose. Whatever we do, it’s wonderful to have Jake here so we can continue making deposits in this long-distance friendship.

Plus, it’s really fun to walk around saying, “Jake, from State Farm,” to which Jeremy replies, “She sounds hideous.”

Boys of summer

Also, it doesn’t hurt to have another face around the house to split the tension between Jeremy and Jackson. Those two? They could use some space from one another. #brothers

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