Costa Rica: Day 3

One of the activities we booked in advance was a four-hour sunset catamaran cruise with snorkeling. It was an excursion that promised “snacks and drinks” but actually delivered a solid delicious dinner, and I swear our cups were never empty. We set sail on The Lazy Lizard a little after 2 p.m. in the Potrero Bay. From start to finish, it was one of our favorite experiences in Costa Rica.

The crew had a couple of fishing poles set up at the end of the boat next to where I was sitting and taking photos. All of a sudden, one of the crew rushed over to me and asked if I wanted to reel in a fish. OF COURSE I DO. I can’t necessarily claim that I caught this fish – my third fish ever as an adult – but I sure as heck reeled it in! I was so excited.

Snorkeling wasn’t my cup of tea, nor was it for Mom, Becky, or Owen, but we enjoyed watching everyone else go off to find the fish. We swam while they were away.

This was another cruiser full of folks like us. The area where we stopped was plenty big for several boats to drop anchor and hang out.

Eventually, and unfortunately, it was time to cruise back to shore. Everyone had a fabulous time. Truly. Every second of the trip was wonderful. We chatted with other Americans on the boat (from Atlanta!), the crew was a delight in every way, no one got sea sick, those who snorkeled enjoyed it, and on, and on, and on. Perfect.

Though the sky looked ominous the closer we got to shore, it never rained on us. Not a drop.

Once the sunset began, all eyes were on the sky.

Can I even think of one thing I would’ve wanted differently?

Perhaps one thing – if Dad had been with us, that would’ve been nice.

Costa Rica: Day 4

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