Hilton Head Photo Dump No. 4

Last batch of Christmas photos, friends. In this first picture, Jackson’s excitement is all about getting a Green Bay Packers hat from his big brother.

JEM_6097 low res

Christmas Eve s’mores!

JEM_6133 low res

JEM_6136 low res

JEM_6144 low res

JEM_6150 low res

JEM_6157 low res

I would’ve loved a full moon photo on Christmas Day, but the fog was just too thick. Christmas Eve will have to do.

JEM_6212 low res

Merry Christmas!

JEM_6226 low res

Our Smoky Mountain dog loved the beach.

JEM_6250 low res

JEM_6264 low res

Millers versus the Przyluckis in a bocce ball tourney – the North wins!

JEM_6302 low res

JEM_6307 low res

So the boys took to playing soccer. It was a draw.

JEM_6343 low res

JEM_6336 low res

JEM_6275 low res

The short walk back to the house for our final evening:

JEM_6361 low res

JEM_6364 low res

JEM_6371 low res

Cheers to 2016!

Hilton Head Photo Dump No. 3

Are you tired of Hilton Head pictures yet? Because here’s another photo dump.

We went to Savannah on Christmas Eve to have lunch at The Pirates’ House and browse River Street shops. It’s a nostalgic city for the Treadways since my sister and I were born nearby.

JEM_6002 low res

JEM_6008 low res

JEM_6027 low res

JEM_6023 low res
JEM_6031 low res

JEM_6032 low res

Some of us shopped, some of us waited.

JEM_6046 low res

JEM_6053 low res

JEM_6056 low res

JEM_6060 low res

JEM_6074 low res

JEM_6079 low res

JEM_6080 low res

The original four:

JEM_6068 low res

JEM_6085 low res

JEM_6087 low res

Last batch here.

Christmas in Hilton Head

For people who live on the coast, Christmas at the beach is no big deal. For mountain and city folk, it requires a shift in expectation. We decided to do Christmas differently this year, and while it was strange not to put up a tree or prepare a huge holiday feast, I got used to it quickly. I’m sold on it, actually. I’m looking to make a tradition out of non-traditional Christmas.

JEM_5801 low res

We arrived in Hilton Head on Monday and after settling into the AirBNB rental house we headed straight for the ocean. It was a two-block walk underneath Palmetto trees and Spanish moss.

JEM_5828 low res

The beach was scarcely populated, which gave Major plenty of room to run around. It was his first experience seaside and he loved every bit of it.

JEM_5742 low res

The boys took straight to playing. Despite the cooler temperatures, they dabbled in the ocean and built sanctuaries for sand crabs. We took long walks and rented bikes and spent a day in Savannah. We ate seafood and watched Harry Potter movies. We all slept in and stayed up late.

JEM_5759 low res

JEM_5806 low res

JEM_5804 low res

JEM_5768 low res

We exchanged smaller gifts on Christmas morning and spent the afternoon on the beach playing bocce ball and soaking up the last few hours we had together.

JEM_5783 low res

JEM_5767 low res

JEM_5780 low res

JEM_5793 low res

If I had the power, I would’ve lifted the fog in exchange for some sunshine, but other than that, I can’t think of what else I would change. I’ll post photos throughout the week as I get them edited.

JEM_5809 low res

Next batch here…

To the Atlantic and back

We took a minute and quickly went to Hilton Head.

Splash Jeremy

Splash Jackson

my boys Hilton Head 2015

Taking a walk

If you know us in real life, then you know how crazy our schedule can be. When we have family time, it’s intentional. Most people wouldn’t consider 24 hours at the beach to be worthwhile, but we do.

Almost 15 years
The boys at Hilton Head 2015

They swam until sundown. Why not, right?

Night swimming

Whenever I’m at the beach, I get up at whatever time necessary to see the sunrise.

Peek of sunrise

At that first peek of light, I stand still and watch the day officially begin.

Peek of sunrise

Then the entire space glows orange and everything feels new.

sunrise at Hilton Head 2015

Worth it every time.

Good morning Hilton Head

This poor fella didn’t make it out alive.

Dead crabs

One more snapshot before heading home…

Until next time HH