Jackson’s Third Birthday

Albeit quiet, Jackson’s birthday – at least, for him – was good. I picked him up early from school and we came home to play in the backyard all afternoon. We blew bubbles, colored with sidewalk chalk, dropped rocks in a bucket (his idea) and kicked his new ball around the yard. We ate pizza for dinner and popcorn for dessert (because I haven’t convinced him yet that birthday cake is the best thing ever). We read three books at bedtime and gave excessive hugs before turning in. He’ll tell you, “I’m free today,” in the most adorable voice now. I even have a video to prove it.

I’ve already uploaded the pictures, but Xanga obviously woke up on the wrong side of the web today and won’t let me post them. You can check them out in the photo blog. It’s just ONE MORE CLICK. You can do it.


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