Lucky Number Seven

Jeremy finally turned seven yesterday. He was so relieved too since he’s been waiting all year for it. I was a generous mother and let him open two gifts before school. The first was a vintage Star Wars tin with sandwich cutters in the shape of the Millennium Falcon and a Tie Fighter. The second was a new Webkinz pet that I purchased last year and hid in a closet. I actually meant to give it to him for Christmas but I forgot all about it. She is a tiger whom he named Sarah.

I brought Chick-Fil-A for Jeremy’s lunch and enjoyed sitting with him and the friend of his choice. Gage was our guest at the Parent-Child lunch table, and as it turns out, Gage has to hit an even bigger word limit each day than Jeremy. (Just so you all know, Gage can eat 99 ribs really fast, he can play golf almost as good as his dad, and he can’t wait until he’s 16 years old because then he can own a BB gun. These were the things I learned about Gage in our first 30 seconds together.)

After work and school, the boys and I came home and watched Jeremy open the remainder of his presents: a replacement Star Wars: A New Hope from Jacob and Owen (our previous one is scratched), a floor puzzle of the solar system, a new PS2 controller and a Lego Batman video game from Chuck (see the video here), and a Star Wars apron from Andrew and Ashley, another agent and his wife. Jeremy was pretty excited about that one.

The birthday boy requested carbonara for dinner, and I was all too happy to oblige. We each ate our weight in pasta (the noodles were made from quinoa, so it’s gluten-free) and played Webkinz until bedtime. We plan on getting together with a couple of Jeremy’s friends on the weekend to enjoy cupcakes at a local park.

It’s a good thing he’s seven, because seven-year-olds know a lot. Virtually everything. And what in the world would I do if I didn’t have a seven-year-old to keep me in check? Case in point: I’ve just been reminded that it’s almost dinner time so I ‘d better get off the computer. Gosh. I’m glad he told me. Who knows how long I would’ve stayed on here.

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