Girls Weekend, Spring 2012

Friday’s weather was absolutely insane. I’m sure you’ve seen the news footage. The forecast was so grim that Lesli, Susan and I considered rescheduling Girls Weekend – which should be a huge indicator that we were very nervous about traveling. Girls Weekend is a standing thrice-yearly date we have kept since 2000. The only occasions for which we’ve rescheduled have to do with birthing or adopting children.

Weather be damned. We went anyway. Lesli had a flight scheduled and Chuck rearranged his schedule so I could head to Middle Tennessee sooner than later in an effort to beat the storms. Minus scary charcoal gray clouds and seeking shelter at a gas station in Crossville for a passing hail storm, my drive was fine. Lesli experienced what she called “more than turbulence” on her flight from DC, but the landing was smooth and she arrived virtually on time.

The rest of the weekend was just lovely.


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