Can I get an amen? This morning feels like I’ve got a toe on third base and I’m about to run to home. And I don’t even like baseball.

Last night, after a successful game of hide-and-seek, we finished up a Christmas cartoon we’d taped earlier this month. When the credits rolled I felt a little sad. It’s always like this. The Christmas season rushes in and we work to decorate our homes, shop for gifts and prepare to collapse on December 24th. Then it suddenly becomes a week away from Christmas Eve and you realize there isn’t much time left at all to just enjoy it. Both weekends between now and Christmas are busy – albeit with holiday stuff, but still – and then we’ll skate through Christmas too fast and be left with the post-Christmas blues.

And then you’re left staring at all the stuff you put up in your house and realize it’s going to take so much effort to take it all down.

Do you sense my poor attitude this morning? Yeah, me too. I’m working on it. More sleep would help. I’m also going to go hold a baby this afternoon, so that will SURELY help. Holding babies is super fun.

Fortunately, the boys are enjoying the heck out of their Christmas season. They’ve maintained a sweet excitement about it, which has helped me tremendously. Christmas really is so much more joyous with kids.

Timmy seems to be having fun, too.

Timmy in the china

Timmy playing dominosMerry Weekend to all of you. I hope you’re soaking in every second.

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