No time to blog!

I’m too busy this week wrangling three boys and a four-month-old puppy to spend five seconds on the internet. (For the record, the puppy is harder to manage than the three boys combined. The cat is by far my favorite today.) Sincerest apologies to my Words with Friends opponents. I will get to all of you later tonight.

Corey, Gwen, and Alex arrived yesterday and the house went into complete chaos because the dog lost his mind and the boys were overjoyed to see each other. The noise was unreal. BUT, once the sun set, all boys calmed down – including Major – and the three adults were able to enjoy uninterrupted conversation. It was fantastic. I love this family. There is nothing like having your oldest, dearest friend in the same room even if it’s just for a few hours.

Corey and Gwen ran off to the mountains today and will head home to Atlanta this evening, leaving Alex to spend his spring break with us. It’s a very special treat for Jeremy to spend this much time with a long-distance friend, so there’s been non-stop action among the boys since yesterday afternoon. It is additionally difficult for them to stop chatting long enough to fall asleep. Benadryl, anyone?

Corey, Gwen, and me

Three boys

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