Me in College, circa 1998

For me, college was primarily about two things: writing and exercise. I was so in love with both that I couldn’t decide which one should be the major and which one should be the minor. I started out as a journalism major with a minor in physiology (with the goal to work in cardiac rehab), but then I switched halfway through and left it that way.

There’s a piece of trivia for you. My bachelor’s degree is in physiology. Looking back, I should have done a double major. It wouldn’t have been hard. Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

Today, not much as changed. I still love writing and much of what I write is concocted while exercising. Both culminate in the mind. They are the methods of exertion I use when I need to burn energy, be it physical or creative. They give me such satisfaction that when I’m done with either I feel as if I’ve accomplished something magnificent, something only I could achieve.

Looking at this photo, I can tell you exactly where I was and where I had just been (or perhaps where I was about to go). It was taken in the hallway outside the Sidelines newsroom in the James Union Building. I had stopped by either after exercising or just beforehand. You know how women walk around in workout clothes all the time now? Whether they are going to yoga or not going to yoga, whether or not they even exercise at all? That was pretty much how I looked throughout my four-year college career, because in between editorial meetings and Kinesiology class, I was at the Rec Center or logging miles down Main Street.

So yeah, this is me in college. Totally. Writer and runner. I’m nothing if not consistent.

jennie in college 1998

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