A blog challenge and a new blog series

A while ago – and I mean a long while ago – I saved a 31 Day Blog Challenge list with the intent to do it in one of the earlier months. You know, January, February, March. So I’m doing it in October! It starts tomorrow.

blog challenge

Secondly, I’m also starting a new series of posts designed to share with you the things I’m loving. These things could be beauty and skin care products, apps, TV shows, podcasts, whatever – just stuff I’m really enjoying and think you may enjoy too. Keep your eyes peeled. It’s starting soon.

Tomorrow is October 1 and that means I’m almost officially allowed to eat candy corn in whatever amounts I deem necessary. I’ll start carrying around small baggies of candy corn in my purse, hiding baggies in my car, and keeping tubs of candy corn hidden from my family. This is what I call “the storing of winter fat.” The pumpkins are my favorite. 

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