Blog Challenge Day 21: Missing something

What’s something I miss? 

Chuck and Jeff, don’t even bother reading this. I’m sorry you both married into a family that obsesses about Christmas in Germany.

But you want to know what I miss?

Christmas in Germany.

Christmas in Germany

If you are a military brat that spent any time in Europe, it’s likely that you have fond memories of Christmastime. I’m as American as the next girl, but I gotta say – Europeans do Christmas better.

Whenever my family gathers for Christmas, the four of us reminisce (while Chuck and Jeff tune out). We talk about the Christkindlmarkt in Nuremburg because every single one of us wants to go back and do it all over again. We want the bratwursts and the ornaments, the glühwein and the wooden toys. We want to ride the train into town and peruse the white and red striped tents that fill the market square. Surrounded by churches built in the middle ages, we want to buy a new angel for our Christmas tree and watch the parade with the Christkind and Father Christmas. We want volksmarches and old hymns and the reverence that Christmas is still about the birth of Christ.

There is truly nothing like it.

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