Favorite thing: It Cosmetics Feel the Moment primer serum

I became a fan of It Cosmetics last year after discovering its matte eye shadow palette, its luminizing creme stick, and a CC cream I really love. Earlier this summer I perused the It Cosmetics aisle at Ulta and found this primer serum. I’m always on the lookout for a good skin product that will fight the signs of aging and keeping my skin looking fresh. I tested the serum on the back of my hand and noticed how little product it took to spread around a large area. It smelled divine. If it really nourishes, hydrates, preps, and primes my skin, then it’s worth a try.

It Cosmetics Feel the Moment

This photo was taken about two months into using the first bottle of serum and you can see I was just a little over halfway through it. (I’m on my second bottle now.) That makes me feel a little better about the $38 price tag. (On the website it’s being sold with a second primer, but I bought it by itself in Ulta.)

Three things I love:favorites logo

1. It feels amazing. After washing and drying my face each morning and evening, I apply a very small pump of the serum and spread it around my face. It’s like weightless silk. Not oily at all.

2. Because so little is needed for one application, one bottle lasts a long time, even applying twice a day.

3. My skin isn’t oily first thing in the morning, which is something that other night creams have caused. With other products I’d wake up and look like I’d just dipped my face in a pool of olive oil. With this serum, my skin still looks clean and fresh first thing in the morning.

Though this is advertised as a primer under makeup, it’s wonderful as a stand-alone product. I use it twice daily in conjunction with a retinol eye cream.

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