Jeremy and the Five-Point Buck

After a handful of attempts last year, Chuck and Jeremy were unsuccessful on their hunting trips.

This year is another story. Chuck got a doe two weeks ago, and then on December 9, Jeremy had his moment.

This is how the morning started:


But then it quickly escalated to this:


My apologies if you don’t care for photos like these. In all honesty, I don’t either. However, I can tame¬†my animal-loving heart-strings and look at this as a proud moment for my son. Not only was it exciting for Jeremy, but it was a moment of immense pride for Chuck and both grandfathers. In fact, the gun Jeremy used was given to him by my dad. This is family history in the making.

Jeremy called me right after it happened, all breathy and excited. I praised him and congratulated him and said, “You are helping to feed our family.” He paused and said, “I never thought of it that way.”

I could feel him smiling through the phone.



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