The Miller family goes to Lambeau

This weekend I crossed something off my Bucket List: A Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field.

It all started with keeping the game a secret from the boys for more than two months. When we finally had the big reveal, I was shaking with excitement. Their reaction was nothing short of pure joy.

They had neither a clue nor an inclination that we’d ever take them to a Packers game, much less a Packers game at Lambeau, but when the tickets were given to us so generously by the author whom I worked with, it was the gift of a lifetime.

We drove to Chicago on Friday to spend two nights with my sister and her family, then we woke up painfully early on Sunday morning and drove to Green Bay.


Just as we entered Brown County, it started snowing. All we needed to make the experience perfect was a win over the Texans.


The Tundra Line was a crowd pleaser:


The stadium was everything I hoped it would be.



Our seats were fantastic and I spent every minute carefully memorizing each detail around me.



As the announcer said, “It’s a beautiful day for football!” — 30 degrees and snowing!




Shortly before halftime we slipped upstairs to the rooftop to get the best view of Lambeau:



After a quick bite we returned to our seats to watch the second half. We were cold, but none of us cared. The final play was perfection:


I stayed in the stands as long as I could.


We walked the grounds a bit to visit Vince and Curly before going back to the car. I didn’t want the afternoon to end.


Finally, we hit up the Barnes &  Noble so I could see the book on a real retail shelf. I owe all of this to the author, Jim. It was the experience of working with him and learning about the team that made me a fan.


I guess the only thing missing is a meet-and-greet with our local Packer, Randall Cobb.  A girl can dream though.


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