A Long Autumn

It’s been a vibrant, lovely autumn, and the season seems to have lasted longer than usual this year. There are still leaves on the trees even now, some hanging on until the last possible minute. I took this photo less than two weeks ago. Look at that color!

All of my walks and runs have looked like this:

Speaking of runs, Jackson and I finally completed our Halloween 10K, a goal we set a few months back. We intended to run on Halloween, but Jackson had a cold he couldn’t shake, so we put it off until he felt better. We didn’t break any speed records, but we also didn’t quit. We pushed ourselves until we hit the 6.2 mile marker. Thank God for muscle memory.

School-wise, we’re on the tail end of the semester, Praise God. The breaks always come just in time. We have three weeks left, and then we’ll have about four weeks reprieve. Again, Praise God. I did the math the other day and realized I have five more semesters of homeschooling. Jeremy has one more to go, and after that, Jackson has four. Theoretically, I could be done homeschooling and teaching in two and a half years.

Then what?

I know how I’d like to spend my time, but it all depends on what God has in store for us. If 2020 taught me anything it’s to expect the unexpected.

Speaking of, look what hovered around our house a month ago? Hot air balloons are still symbolic to me.

Before I let you go, please enjoy these photos of Major and Salem. 🙂

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